Mid Flight Brawl


May 8, 2020

Nothing says you've had a successful St Patty's Day more than being refused a sky beer, then assaulting a flight attendant and being held down by a Rugby team. 

Green Guinness, cocaine, a messy break up with a girlfriend that your wife can't know about. We don't know if it was one of these or a combo of them all that caused 'religious' man, William Lee, to kick off on Flight AA 4 bound for NYC. Who cares. It's great! 

We also had our first guest, comedian and King of Koh Samui, Karl Chandler. KC called us to talk about our fat man from last week and if dying alone in Thailand is also a wish of his. 

Heggie has merch and it's great! https://themerchdesk.com.au/comedians/luke-heggie/ 

Also, check out his YouTube channel. Thanks for all the reviews and keep telling your mates. We're getting sent some lovely messages and ace ideas for future eps. x 

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