Mid Flight Brawl


October 22, 2020

AFL vs NRL. Sherrin vs Steeden. Grubs vs Grubs. 

This weekend has both AFL and NRL Grand Finals being played. Rare. What's not rare is athletes getting loose. 

This week, the boys at Mid Flight Brawl HQ go head to head over their fave Aussie Rules and Rugby League air travel stories. 

On the ground, NRL is clearly in the lead, but hopefully the no-shoes/no-flight policy has kept some of those tiprats from the sky. 

Mate vs Mate, Code vs Code. Get amongst it. 

Thanks to everyone for the messages, emails and the constant bullying of Heggie for minor slip ups. Get onto www.patreon.com/MidFlightBrawl right now to get our spin off pod, Land Larrikins. Thanks for all the support. Much appreciated. x

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