Mid Flight Brawl


October 1, 2020

Another week, another grub in the sky. 

An American footballer mentioning Jesus is standard, but when they yell about it on a plane while under the influence of LSD, it tends to raise eyebrows. 

A punch on involving the pilot, Aussies vs 'Merica, Heggie's cookies are getting pumped and Cody copping grief for liking an actual sport. 

Strap in, knock off your duty free and getting ready for a MID FLIGHT BRAWL. 

Heggie's stand-up special TIPRAT premieres on TEN SHAKE this SUNDAY 4TH OCTOBER at 8:30pm. Get around him. 

Thanks for all the messages and emails. Keep em coming. www.Instagram.com/MidFlightBrawl 

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