Mid Flight Brawl


July 30, 2020

This week, the boys are back in the sky and this time, the staff are kicking off! Diverted flights, fisticuffs, court appearances and an air marshal copping one in the kisser. Was it booze, pills, 12 Starbucks in one airport? WHO CARES! It's MID FLIGHT BRAWL! 


What happens when flight attendants have had enough of dealing with grubby passengers, brutal travel schedules and one another? You get an action-packed, two-part pod to smash into your ears! 


Heggie has made the Gold Coast news, someone has given up a testicle at a backpackers, the gents compare their rat tail theories and Nick's podcast toy gets a "mate". 


MidFlightBrawl.com for the new merch. Thanks for all the kind words, lovely reviews and messages about who we should cover in future eps. Much appreciated. Enjoy. x

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