Mid Flight Brawl

EPISODE 19 - B67

July 23, 2020

Hot diggity! The boys are heading back to Florida, where day drinking and an unwanted travel companion have blocked a JetBlue flight from America's Queensland to Sin City. 


Ex-athletes turned restaurateurs, cane toad golf, American teeth, YouTube comments and Cody finally unmasks 'MuscleMan5000'. 

There is a lot to get through, so smash those airport bar bevvies, scrounge around in your pockets for your boarding pass and hop on the Dickhead Express. This is MID FLIGHT BRAWL. 


Merch available now at our fancy new website MidFlightBrawl.com - That's right, it's a .com - No .co.gov.tv - Straight up baller .com. Your mates aren't playing around. (Nick designed it on GeoCities)

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